Update on Jack | 23 Week Preemie | NICU Portraits | Charlotte, North Carolina NICU Photographer | Krista Gantt Photography

Jack's mom sent me an update on his progress!  If you missed him on the blog, click below to see what he looked like shortly after he was born at 23 weeks.  Then read below to see what his mom had to say about his progress.

Jack is doing well! He has been up and down on his feedings. He gets very close to full feedings and then his gut needs a break so we start back very low. He does show cues of hunger and rooting and LOVES taking a bottle. He is 2200 grams now! We are working towards him being in a crib, but don’t want to overload him with a ton of work to do on his own. He is down to low flow cannula on .0125 Os. He is not quiet ready to be off oxygen, although he pulls the cannula out constantly so we resort to taping it to his nose.

Jack | 23 Week Preemie | NICU Portraits | Charlotte, North Carolina NICU Photographer | Krista Gantt Photography

Jack was expected to be born in April 2017, he had other ideas. We were working and living on job assignment in Indiana and drove to Charlotte for a few days to spend time with family for the holidays. The night after we got here, Jack arrived as well. From the point of water breaking, it took 12 minutes until Mini Man graced us with his presence. It has been such a huge roller coaster since we got here. A lot of one step forwards and two steps back.

These photos were taken a while back, but Jack is definitely making progress.  Click here to see how Jack is doing!

Update on Sully | 28 Week Preemie | NICU Portraits | Charlotte, North Carolina NICU Photographer | Krista Gantt Photography

Sully is growing up!  I can't believe this previous 28 weeker that I photographed last June is now 16 pounds!  He was just 2 pounds 6 ounces at birth, and here he is now!  He might just be my most handsome NICU baby!  If you missed his NICU portrait session, check it out here or click the button below.

Sully is doing great. He is weighing in around 16lbs now. He is eating three meals a day, rolling over, sitting up, and trying his best to walk.

I got to see Sully this fall at an event Novant Health Hemby Children's Hospital where I was able to photograph him once again.  Pierce's Project hosted a Germ Free Santa Session for past NICU babies, and sweet little Sully showed up!  Can you even handle how cute he is in his little elf outfit?  His parents are going to have their work cut out for them when the girls start chasing him!  

Update on Lincoln | 28 Week Preemie | NICU Portraits | Charlotte, North Carolina NICU Photographer | Krista Gantt Photography

Lincoln was the first NICU portrait session that I did almost a year ago!  I was so excited to share my gift of photography with a NICU family, and even more thrilled with the experience when I met his parents.  They are the sweetest couple and they were so appreciative of my complimentary services.  I love being able to incorporate my artistic craft with my love for the preemies and nursing career.

Here's an update from Lincoln's mom:

"Lincoln is 10 months (7 months adjusted) already. He's over 15 pounds. He's crawling around everywhere, sitting up on his own, and just recently pulling himself up to stand! It's so amazing to see him grow & develop. (He still receives PT once a week and speech once every other week.)  He is just full of personality and I'm so grateful to be his mommy. ❤"

Update on Rhett | 28 Week Preemie | NICU Portraits | Charlotte, North Carolina NICU Photographer | Krista Gantt Photography

Rhett was born in July of 2016 at 28 weeks.  He weighed 1 pound 9 ounces.  I was lucky enough to photograph him during his stay in the NICU by offering his parents complimentary NICU portraits.  Pierce's Project arranged for Rhett's mom to have her hair and makeup done for the session, and she looked stunning!  (See Rhett's NICU session here.) . While I do follow many NICU patients on social media and could see that he is doing great, I caught up with Rhett's mom to request a personal update on Rhett's progress since going home.

Rhett is doing so well! He is up to 12 pounds, rolls over, and is a total mama’s boy. He is a great eater and sleeper, and he loves being home with his parents and two dogs. He is thriving! He is so much fun and so happy!

Aiden | In-Home Newborn Session | Charlotte, North Carolina Newborn Photographer | Krista Gantt Photography

Aiden wasn't supposed to be one of my preemies that I usually photograph in the NICU.  His mom called me well in advance of her due date, but unfortunately Aiden came a little earlier than expected.  He was born at 34 weeks and did spend some time in the NICU, but today is healthy and at home!

I photographed him in his home and he did so great!  He slept throughout his entire session, and didn't make a peep.  I loved hanging out with his mom during his session too.  She's so easy going and is thankful to have her boy home with her.  Enjoy Aiden's newborn images!

Update on Sebastian | 22 Week Preemie | NICU Portraits | Charlotte, North Carolina NICU Photographer | Krista Gantt Photography

Remember Sebastian?  He was born at just 22 weeks and 4 days and spent a significant amount of time in the NICU.  I photographed him when he was exactly one month old and 26 weeks 4 days, corrected.  He recently got discharged from the hospital and is now home hanging out with his mom.  I asked Sebastian's mom for an update and here is what she had to say:

If I could just match his sleep pattern along with these doctor appointments, I would be perfect. I’m so happy he’s home. I watch him like a hawk and every time he grunts I take an extra peek.

I know that Sebastian is blessed to be a 22 weeker and only be sent home on vitamins, and that’s pretty much unheard. I want other moms to be hopefully that they’ll be just as fortunate.

Will | Newborn Session | Charlotte, North Carolina Newborn Photographer | Krista Gantt Photography

Jeannie is a sweet friend I met at the hospital - she works in a neighboring unit. When I met with her for her consultation, we hit it off from the start.  I mentioned that l hadn't been floated to work in her unit in quite some time.  In fact, we had never officially met in person until the consultation.  We had never crossed paths at work.  To my surprise, the very next day, I was floated to her unit!  I even gave report to her that night at the end of my shift, transferring the care of my babies to her.  By the end of her shift, she was into labor.  

Will was a few weeks early and spent some time in the NICU for respiratory issues, but was able to make it home in time for his newborn session, which was 2 days before his due date.  

Will's session went great and his parents were so warm and welcoming.  They even offered me some coffee!  I don't always get to drink it because I'm busy working with the babies, but I certainly appreciate the gesture!  I absolutely loved working with this family and their sweet boy!

His Name is Colton | Columbia, South Carolina | Newborn & Birth Photographer | Krista Gantt Photography

I'm so excited that my friends Davis and Megan are expecting a second baby!  I photographed her firstborn just a few years ago, and now she's expecting another boy!  Baby #2 is sure to be just as handsome as his big brother Colton.  Here are images from Colton's birth and delivery, and then some when everyone made it home with their new little bundle.  Cannot wait to meet their next little guy!  (Check out Callan's newborn session, here!)

His name was a mystery throughout Megan's pregnancy, so he became known as "Baby C".  One cool October day, the mystery was no more.  Davis rounded the corner as he made his way to the nursery with a brand new baby boy.  His [very excited] family rushed down the hall to meet him.  Davis had the honor of introducing them to his very first baby.  He tearfully stated his name for the first time.  Colton.  His name is Colton.  His family stood in awe of the tiny miracle, squeezed Davis, and then watched through the nursery window as he got his first shot and held his dad's hand for the first time.  iPhones were out, pictures were taken, tears were falling.  A healthy baby boy is here at last.

Lincoln | 28 Weeks | NICU Portraits | Charlotte, North Carolina NICU Photographer | Krista Gantt Photography

My husband and I always knew we wanted to have a family. It took us longer than expected to get pregnant. We were ecstatic when we found out we were going to have a baby!

I had a normal healthy pregnancy until February 6th when I woke up in a puddle of my amniotic fluid. I was only 21 weeks and 5 days pregnant. We went to the hospital where I stayed on bedrest for 47 days. I went into labor when Lincoln was 28 weeks old. He weighed 1 pound 15.8 ounces, and he was 13.25 inches long at delivery.

He is so precious and strong. We are so fortunate to have him in our lives.

Krista Gantt PhotographyIMG_5532-2_Krista Gantt Photography.jpg

When I first walked in the family room at Novant Health Hemby Children's Hospital, I knew Lincoln is very very loved.  His mom and dad were just beaming with excitement for me to meet him.  Despite his early delivery, he is doing well and growing.  His parents are so thankful for my donation of NICU portraits, but I'm so thankful to have met such sweet parents like them.  They are so kind and gracious, and both full of joy for their new baby boy!  I cannot wait to see how big and handsome their sweet boy gets!

Make sure to check out the gift Lincoln's mom received from her best friend!  She received it while on bedrest after her water broke at just 21 weeks.  The necklace is called the "giving key" and given to someone who needs it.  Once they meet someone who needs the key more than they do, they pass it along to that person to help them through their journey.  What a beautiful gift!  I might have shed a tear when she told me the story!  One of Lincoln's photos was even published on the cover of a journal.  Click here to see it!

Here are some images of Lincoln's first ever portrait session...

Logan | 29 Weeks | NICU Portraits | Krista Gantt Photography

Logan was born in March weighing only 3 pounds and 3 ounces. He spent some time on CPAP, was jaundiced, and had some trouble regulating his blood sugar.  He is now three weeks old and made it to four pounds the day I went to visit him.  He also took his first bottle instead of using his feeding tube!  What a trooper!  

Logan's mom is very familiar with the NICU environment, which is why she contacted me.  She has spent a lot of time in NICUs in the Charlotte area - She is also a mom of twins!  I took care of her 25 week twins in the NICU and they are now enjoying life at home with their older brother, who was born at 36 weeks.  Logan hopes to join these three at home someday soon!  

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