25 weeker

Tatiana | 25 Week Preemie | NICU Portraits | Charlotte, North Carolina | Krista Gantt Photography


25 Weeks

1 pound 10.8 ounces

“I couldn’t become pregnant with my husband so we were seen by doctors at REACH and the doctors were able to help me become pregnant with in vitro and we were so excited to finally have a baby!

My water broke at 24.5 weeks and was admitted to the hospital. Tatiana was born 4 days later at 25.2 weeks. She’s the light of our lives and we love her very much!

Being in the NICU is very difficult emotionally and physically, the best advise I can give is to take this journey one day at a time. God is in control, pray every day for your baby, the nurses and the doctors!”

This ‘little lady’ has endured a lot in her first 11 weeks of life, but she is growing and making new developments daily. Growing is hard work for preemies, and Tatianna snoozed through our session!

Logann | 25 Week Preemie | NICU Portraits | Charlotte, North Carolina | Krista Gantt Photography


25 weeks 1 day • 1 pound 10 ounces

"Logann was a surprise from day one. We weren’t “planning” on having another child as we have 3 and lead a fairly active life. The day I found out was a whirlwind of disbelief and honestly, some fear as I questioned if I would be able to have energy and the ability to give everyone what they needed.

Logann is teaching me many new lessons on a daily basis about love, strength, and that it’s ok to take it slowly. I’ve never been one for extreme patience but this sweet girl has a tremendous amount of strength and overall guiding me through this journey of patience and love."

“I daydream and long for the day this sweet girl comes home and joins what I affectionately refer to as our circus of love and shenanigans. Logann (Tiny Might) is part of a big beautiful and loving family which includes her sister Lilee(8), Liam (6), Lyla (3), Mom, Dad, and two 100 pound pound labs.”