Meet the Queen City Quints | 27 Weeks | NICU Portraits | Charlotte, North Carolina NICU Photographer | Krista Gantt Photography

Well I'm quite behind on my blogging, but I figured I'd better get this one up before ALL FOUR babies are home!  If you haven't been following the Queen City Quints, they have made huge progress and are going home one by one!  Both girls were discharged after 75 days in the hospital, leaving the boys behind to hold down the fort in Bonnerville.  Aubree and Emilee are showing Ben and Carter how it's done!

As these kiddos have grown, they have developed their own individual personalities, which they definitely show in these images!  Can you tell which one will be the feisty one?  Which one is the sweetest and calmest of the bunch?  Flip through these photos and comment below!  The Queen City Quints are going to be so fun to follow!