Update on Jack | 23 Week Preemie | NICU Portraits | Charlotte, North Carolina NICU Photographer | Krista Gantt Photography

Jack's mom sent me an update on his progress!  If you missed him on the blog, click below to see what he looked like shortly after he was born at 23 weeks.  Then read below to see what his mom had to say about his progress.

Jack is doing well! He has been up and down on his feedings. He gets very close to full feedings and then his gut needs a break so we start back very low. He does show cues of hunger and rooting and LOVES taking a bottle. He is 2200 grams now! We are working towards him being in a crib, but don’t want to overload him with a ton of work to do on his own. He is down to low flow cannula on .0125 Os. He is not quiet ready to be off oxygen, although he pulls the cannula out constantly so we resort to taping it to his nose.