Nicu Portrait Details

  • At this time, sessions are limited to babies born at less than 30 weeks gestational age.  

  • NICU sessions will last up to 30 minutes and will be a lifestyle type session.  I don't bring anything with me except my camera.  I want to capture your baby in the NICU environment that he or she lives in every day, and that includes feeding tubes, wires, and monitors.  

  • I will not be handling your baby, but I may reposition a hand or foot.  Moving the baby is up to the parents and nurses.

  • Images from NICU sessions will be edited after my regular clients' images are completed.  My NICU sessions are donations so paying clients come first.

  • Your photos will be uploaded to a private, password-protected online gallery for you to view, share, and download images.  I do not provide CDs or DVDs.

  • Parents must sign a release to have NICU images taken.  This is to protect you, me, and baby!  This release will be provided to you electronically to sign before the session.

  • I may publish a blog post with images of your baby.  Only the baby's first name will be used and the blog posts are meant for sharing with other parents so that they can see what these sessions are all about.  Feel free to share the blog posts on social media or with your NICU friends.


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